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Chili Pepper Heat Ratings in Scoville Units
In 1912 Wilbur Scoville, a pharmacist for Park Davis created a scale for pepper hotness. It was based on the amount of dilution it would take for the pepper to be unnoticed by a taster.

Scoville Units
Bhut Jolokia - aka "ghost chili" 1,001,304
Habanero 300,000
Piquin 140,000
Tien Tsin 60,000
Dundicut 60,000
Jalapeño 55,000
Sanaam 40,000
Cayenne 40,000
Crushed Red (Pakistan) 40,000
Arbol 35,000
Crushed Red (California) 20,000
Ground Hot Red 20,000
Chipotle Pepper 15,000
Ancho Pepper 3,000

Hot Tip:
If you find your mouth on fire after eating spicy foods, don't try to extinguish it with water. The best thing is to drink a glass of milk.